Glenn Beck Updates Middle East State Department Rescues

Tens of thousands of Afghan Christians have fled the country with the assistance of humanitarian organizations. Glenn Beck is assisting with these Middle Eastern evacuation flights. He emphasized how wonderful and committed the migrants are and how he is ashamed to call himself a Christian. The Nazarene Fund is led by Tim Ballard and Beck of Operation Underground Railroad, among others.

Beck asserts that the US government is impeding, rather than aiding, the rescue operations of The Nazarene Fund. He declared on Thursday that because the State Department appears to be blocking us at every point, he would inform them of the destination only when the refugees arrive. Moreover, he further stated that Americans must play their role if the government is unwilling to assist these people. On the other hand, the State Department should back off.

Moreover, Cotton, the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice and Counterterrorism’s ranking member, was questioned by Mitch Beck on the State Department’s efforts to assist Afghan refugees leaving the war-torn country. Cotton claimed that even British nationals have been unable to access the airport to fly on their own. He confessed that he had heard similar things, which would have no bearing on the American government or taxpayers. He also emphasized that Macedonia’s ambassador was ordered not to take any of these persons.

In addition, Beck was set to speak on “Carlson Tucker Tonight” featured on Fox News, where he stated that he was not sure if it’s out of malice or ignorance. He also said that he was confused, but it should cease immediately.

To bring people into Kabul International Airport, the Christian groups in Afghanistan claim to undertake activities against their government. According to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom chairperson, communication issues between different governmental departments have left Afghans in the lurch.