GOP Lawmakers Fighting Against Dangerous Surveillance Of Guns

Earlier this year, credit card companies announced their decision to implement a new code that separately logs the purchase of firearms and firearms-related products. This came after much pressure from the gun control lobby for credit card companies to join the fight against mass shootings.

The idea behind this proposal is that it will help recognize when someone is buying “too many” guns and potentially planning to harm others. However, many mass shooters do not legally purchase firearms with bank cards at gun stores.

Instead, this new form of surveillance stigmatizes gun purchases and opens the door to credit card companies refusing to process these transactions later down the line. This is why Republican lawmakers are pushing back against this measure.

Congressional Pushback
Sens. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) and Tom Cotton (R-AR), along with other Republicans, wrote to Amalgamated Bank, calling out the institution for being “anti-firearms” and pushing for gun buys to be separately categorized by financial processors in America.

Republicans who signed onto this letter warned Amalgamated Bank that using financial processors and other systems to push far-left agendas isn’t acceptable.

Therefore, the institution is being advised by Republicans to hold onto all documents pertaining to this new measure and prepare to testify before Congress. This is not an idle threat, seeing as Republicans are widely expected to win the midterm elections in less than three weeks.

GOP lawmakers, in their letter to Amalgamated Bank, stressed that the US Congress is responsible for overseeing the rights of Americans, not left-wing bureaucrats.

The Bigger Agenda
Recategorizing how gun purchases are processed is one of many steps the gun control lobby has in mind for completely removing the Second Amendment.

This is the same gun control lobby that’s backed by a president who repeatedly shows his ignorance when it comes to the topic of guns. Biden once claimed a pistol carries 40 rounds of ammunition and can blow an individual’s lung outside of their body.

Many gun control activists also believe Americans shouldn’t have the right to defend themselves. Instead, the left believes only the police they want to defund should have access to firearms.

Amalgamated Bank is far from a neutral party in all of this and has donated to various left-wing causes over the years. If this new approach toward gun purchases stands, there’s no telling what comes next.