Gov. Flynn Calls on Governors to Stop the Illegal Immigrant Invasion

As the border crisis ramps up daily, right-wing citizens are calling on political leaders to act and Gen. Michael Flynn is echoing that to governors.

The Biden administration has been a big proponent of allowing illegal immigrants to pour through the southern border at unprecedented rates.

In an article for The Western Journal, Flynn pushed for citizens to be more active in calling for their elected leaders to fight back against federal overreach.

As thousands of illegal aliens come across the border, more and more stories of massive caravans come to light. In addition, criminals and drugs are brought over into the United States and nothing is being done to combat this crime war coming from the south.

“One story reported on many hundreds of illegals from 11 different countries sprinting across the border in just a couple of hours. The most recent report this author has seen was on the dangerous barrios of Venezuela being emptied of the worst criminal offenders, essentially flushing themselves of destructive elements and sending them due north to invade America,” Flynn wrote.

The retired lieutenant general discussed the supposed ways governors are dealing with the immigration invasion and also pointed out that he believes most of this is merely theatrics.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott divulged his plans to send illegal immigrants contained by federal agents in his state to be transported directly to Washington D.C. He went as far as to say the lawbreakers should be dropped off at the doorsteps of the Biden administration. Abbott actually did send a busload of illegal aliens to Washington and proclaimed he would send more.

However, looking at the facts is not as exciting as Abbott made it appear. First, the transport is voluntary, and the illegals are not in law enforcement custody while being bussed. This means they can get free transportation to wherever they want along the way to D.C.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey followed suit and declared that his state would also drop off illegals in Washington.

Same with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Once it was uncovered that Biden was allowing planes to drop off illegals in Florida, the governor said he would send the immigrants to Biden’s home state of Delaware.

But the feds would just let them go anyway, so DeSantis’ new plan would include sending the illegals back over the border and that Florida would send assistance to Texas.

Right now, governors are just saying things and have produced little action, which Flynn pointed out.

It seems that time will tell whether or not Republican lawmakers will make America’s sovereignty a priority or not.