Gutfeld! Sees Large Increase In Ratings, Potential Slot Change

The Fox News program “Gutfeld!” has seen a particular increase in interest over the last year, including a recent profile in the Wall Street Journal. The show, hosted by longtime Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld, competes directly with other late-night programs such as the “Tonight Show” and “Late Show.” leading to speculation that the host is being considered for the slot formerly occupied by Tucker Carlson.

This is not the first time that the host has seen ratings success. Gutfeld previously hosted “Red Eye,” an overnight program at the network that often placed a more lighthearted approach to the day’s news.

Gutfeld’s program commands more than 1.8 million viewers per show, higher than “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The Tonight Show.” The only program which at times beats Gutfeld is “The Late Show,” hosted by Stephen Colbert.

“Gutfeld!” proved to be relatively unconventional compared to the other late-night shows, particularly because it airs on a news network. However, Fox News’ high ratings and Gutfeld’s performance helped buoy the program’s viewership.

In many ways, the Fox News program bears some similarities with its competitors, including an opening monologue from the host.

However, its tone and message are often the opposite of hosts such as Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah. While Gutfeld’s tone is more informal and conversational, conservative critics describe the other programs are more somber and message-based.

The success of “Gutfeld!” was the feature of a segment by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson earlier this year.

Ironically, the network is reportedly considering moving the host to 8 p.m., which used to be the airing time of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Gutfeld said that he had weighed such a decision. However, it could result in him leaving both the show named after him as well as the popular panel show “The Five.”

“If I did 8 o’clock, I would definitely not do ‘The Five’ and I would no longer do ‘Gutfeld!’ I would just do one show because I would prepare for that show like crazy,” he said.

Such a move could result in a considerable change for both Gutfeld and Fox News. The anchor has been with the network since 2007. 

Fox has also struggled with the 8 p.m. slot since Carlson’s departure earlier this year. A number of temporary hosts have pulled about half of the ratings of Carlson, who recently started a new program on Twitter.