Hailey Bieber Blames Birth Control Pills For Recent Stroke

After suffering from a mini-stroke in March, Hailey Bieber, wife of the famous singer Justin Bieber, is now warning about the dangers of birth control pills through her social media

Last week, 25-year old Hailey Bieber shared details on social media regarding the stroke she suffered earlier this year. She believes that it happened because of the birth control pills she had started taking.

Bieber recalled taking the pills without telling the doctors about her recurring migraines. She suggested that women should always talk to their doctors when discussing birth control if they have any ongoing issues.

During the stroke, her face was drooping from the right side, and she could not speak. Bieber recalled her face feeling weird and having a sensation that went down her arm to her fingertips. After losing her speech, Bieber was rushed to the hospital.

The doctors performed several tests and discovered she had medical complications as Bieber had a hole in her heart since birth. She recently underwent an operation to get it closed. Medical experts declared that she had suffered from a temporary restriction of blood flow to the brain.

The FDA and Planned Parenthood openly acknowledge that oral contraceptives can have dangerous side effects and they can cause strokes and heart attacks. Studies show that women on oral contraceptives have high chances of blood clots. According to a 2015 British study, the risk of blood clots increases by 50-80% for women who are on the pill regularly.

Moreover, it has also been proven that women on birth control pills also experience a loss in bone density. This leads to a greater risk of fractures. Only two years of birth control use can drastically impact bone density in many women.

Studies have also shown that women who take oral contraceptives find it hard to conceive after they have stopped taking them. They develop thicker endometrial linings that prevent implantation during the early stages of pregnancy. Out of 137 women who took contraceptives, 107 had a thicker endometrial lining.

Overall, the long term use of birth control pills can be extremely hazardous to women of all ages. Although contraception is a responsible choice, there should be more awareness about the side effects and potential consequences of going on the pill.