Having Done Such A Great Job With The Border, Kamala Harris Will Now Lead The Charge Against A Different ‘Crisis’

Vice President Kamala Harris was allowed to be in charge of the southern border, and she failed. She failed so miserably that it seemed like she made an effort to fail. Harris visited the border one time after she visited South America and asked people not to come to the United States. Then it seemed like she threw her hands up and said, “oh well, guess it didn’t work.” She then hired new advisors, one being Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s brother-in-law. Interesting.

Now, Harris is in charge of Climate Change. Honestly, people are hopeful she does nothing there as well. Unless this is like a job fair where she tries different things until Harris likes what she’s doing, that’s not why she was picked as Vice President of the United States. There is no option for failure. 

Climate Change is almost certainly a partisan issue. Implementing Democrat climate change policies such as solar energy, wind turbines, and others have failed. Last winter, Texas saw a terrible snowstorm that blackout hundreds of thousands of homes due to poor infrastructure. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Texas’ “renewable energy fueled more than one-fifth of all utility-scale net generation.” While there’s a good argument for moving toward renewable energy, solar energy, or wind turbines, it needs to be much more stable than currently used on a large scale. 

The United States should prioritize the supply chain, cutting imports, and achieving energy independence. But Democrats have a habit of importing fuel from other countries with fewer production regulations and cause more pollution rather than less. It’s always touted as a victory for climate change because pollution from the United States is lowered, but not at the production location. It’s a bait and switch tactic used to make our government feel like they’re part of the solution when they’re part of the problem. 

Harris got into an SUV rather than a private plane to speak about climate change and how Americans can be doing better to slow pollution. That’ll show the world that climate change is a real issue. 

When Harris said that passing Biden’s infrastructure plans came down to “a fundamental issue” of a water shortage brought by Climate Change, VOA reported that. But isn’t global warming melting the ice caps? There should be plenty of water. And the fact that water is recycled through the atmosphere and brought down by rain means that water never actually runs out at all. It doesn’t magically disappear. The molecular structure is still intact. Some would argue that there is the same amount of water on the earth as there has always been. 

It’s all nonsense. There are common-sense ways to fight climate change that don’t involve compromising infrastructure to achieve it. And, with the “elite’s” theory on stopping Climate Change, third world countries who aren’t fortunate enough to have stable infrastructure are going to suffer while trying to keep up with the new climate change push because they don’t have access to coal-powered electricity, much less fancy innovations that would revolutionize electricity and fuel sources.