Here’s The Aftermath to the DISAPPOINTING DEBATE Performance


Democrats were forced to deal with a maelstrom of upheaval on Capitol Hill Friday after many were dissatisfied with President Biden’s debate performance on Thursday night.


“I think the emotions of the night were basically disappointment, anger, and then by the end, it was panic,” one House Democrat, who spoke anonymously, told Fox News Digital.


“So, given that basis, where do we go? Obviously, there are talks that I feel need to be done at all levels, with the understanding that this is about down-ballot candidates as well as the presidency.”


Democratic legislators were wary on Friday morning as swarms of media pursued even generally low-profile members for comment on the topic. Even when granted anonymity, some people declined to talk with Fox News Digital about the match-up.


House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., appeared tired and declined to answer a reporter’s question on whether Biden was the party’s most successful spokesman.



Instead, he stated, “President Biden is slated to appear in North Carolina today at about noon, from what I hear. I look forward to hearing from President Biden. And until he articulates a path forward in terms of his vision for America right now, I’m going to refrain from commenting on anything related to where we are other than to say I support the ticket.”


A second unidentified House Democrat, dissatisfied with the process in general but not having watched the debate, told Fox News Digital, “I’ve been hearing everyone flipping out and s—, but debates in this day and age are ridiculous. Tell me about the last debate you saw when you felt happy and learned something.


“I bet you the majority of Americans would not choose these two old guys to be the only choice that they have,” stated the politician.

One senior House Democratic official compared the mood on Capitol Hill to what Republicans would have felt following a high-profile mistake by former President Trump during his administration.


“Coming into work with absolute dread, knowing everyone is gonna come after you, and knowing you have nothing good to say,” the assistant worker added.


Biden seemed fatigued and inattentive at moments during his 90-minute debate with Trump. At one point, Trump said, “I’m not sure what he said at the end of that sentence. I do not think he understands what he said either.”


It fueled long-held suspicions that Biden’s mental acuity has deteriorated with age despite the fact that his Republican competitor is only three years younger.


According to a long-time Democratic operator, politicians who spoke with them were worried by the outcome of the discussion.


“I’m hearing from folks is a feeling of sadness that we missed a golden opportunity. This leads to panicked answers, such as, “How do we fix it?” What do we do? That is the fundamental conversation right now,” the operative told Fox News Digital.