Hillary Clinton Pauses On 9/11 To Praise Joe Biden

Former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took time on 9/11 Sunday to praise President Joe Biden for his accomplishments — and, of course, bash Republicans.

For a politician who is not running for anything, she has a knack for staying in the news cycle lately.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the former first lady opened with talk of the 9/11 anniversary but immediately pivoted to the need to protect the nation from “extremism of any kind.” She added that it is of utmost importance when that extremism uses violence to achieve its goals.

CNN host Dana Bash brought up how the U.S. came together in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks 21 years ago, and Clinton’s response was to praise President Joe Biden. She complimented the president for trying to bring unity while still “sounding the alarm” about threats to democracy.

She conspicuously ignored the volleys coming from the president recently about “semi-fascism” and dangers to the republic.

And for a president who very few approve of — including Democrats — Clinton lavished praise for his accomplishments that “the vast majority of Americans” believe in. Among these were climate change, rebuilding manufacturing, healthcare and gun violence.

Then she pivoted back into divisiveness, criticizing what she called a small “but very vocal, very powerful, very determined minority.” This swath of conservatives, Clinton claimed, wants to impose their views and morality onto the rest of the nation.

That, she declared, is “not who we are as America.”

The former presidential candidate did find time to praise former President George W. Bush for his work in the aftermath of 9/11 21 years ago. Clinton said that he asked what was needed to rebuild New York, and the then-congresswoman said $20 billion was needed.

Bush immediately responded with “you got it” and never wavered from that stance, even in the face of political headwinds.

Hillary Clinton says she is not running for president, and that may indeed be the truth. But she has fallen in line with the White House in demonizing “MAGA Republicans” and, much like the president, dividing the country into the favored and “threats to democracy.”