Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas Stunningly Claims ‘Border is Secure’

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told a security forum in Colorado on Tuesday that the southern border is under control. “The border is secure,” he declared, “That has been a historic challenge.”

Mayorkas was asked, “is the border safe now?” Perhaps the question should have been more specific. The border of Tennessee?

Mayorkas deflected blame to Republican legislators who he said have blocked “amnesty” bills. Is the argument that sweeping amnesty for illegal migrants would lessen the number racing for the border?

Further muddying the waters, Mayorkas added that “safe and secure are two different words.” His definition of “safe,” as he went on to explain, deals with human smugglers on the Mexican side who are not concerned with the wellbeing of migrants.

No reasonable person wishes harm on these migrants, but that’s hardly what Homeland Security’s mission to secure the southern border is about.

The blowback is fierce from those on the front lines protecting our nation’s southern border from uncontrolled and dangerous waves of migrants. One agent told Fox News that anyone who says the border is secure is a “liar,” and those who believe them are “fools.”

Customs and Border Protection numbers paint a vastly different picture from Mr. Mayorkas’ image of a secure border. Nearly two million migrants crossed the border in fiscal year 2021, and there were approximately 1.7 million encounters with border agents.

That record will be shattered by the newest figures in 2022, as last year’s mark was smashed with three full months to go. There were 207,000 encounters in June alone.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) laid blame last month at the feet of the Biden administration. The hundreds of thousands of migrants regularly crossing into the U.S. prevents Border Patrol from performing their main task, and that “allows drug cartels to move illicit drugs that kill thousands.”

Cornyn is correct, and Mayorkas is shockingly disingenuous. The border is not secure, is not safe, and is farther from being under control than it has ever been. If the government cannot secure the borders, what is it there for and how long will it last? Ask the Roman Empire.