Hope For Harry And Meghan To Reconcile With Royal Family Following Queen’s Death

Despite several reports of tension during the funeral ceremonies for Queen Elizabeth II, sources close to King Charles indicate that he is hopeful that the Crown can reconcile with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Royal expert and podcast host Kinsey Schofield spoke to the press about the state of affairs within the royal family.

“There were some undeniably uncomfortable moments during Harry and Meghan’s time in the U.K,” she said. “However, King Charles is an optimist and appreciated their toned-down presence throughout the process.”

“The king is eager for a truce but unfortunately, there are too many things in the pipeline that could jeopardize the Sussexes’ relationship with the new monarch,” she added.

Schofield expressed concern about an upcoming book by Prince Harry, in addition to a Netflix documentary about the couple.

“Prince Harry’s book is of grave concern to the palace,” she explained. “What is the Netflix documentary about? Will the parade of upcoming comedians on Meghan Markle’s podcast take any swipes at the royal family?”

“Will Meghan continue to choose to work with media outlets that have been so vulgar and critical of the royal family?” she continued. “These are the questions that palace staff bounces off one another when they debate a future that includes Prince Harry and Meghan.”

When the Queen died on Sept. 8 in Scotland, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were already in the United Kingdom to support their charities.

Early reports alleged that Prince Harry was not informed of the queen’s passing until after the royal family announced her death to the public. Later, a royal spokesperson refuted those claims, stating that King Charles was sure to notify everyone in the family before releasing the information to the public.

The spokesperson did acknowledge that Harry was aboard a plane at the time the queen died, and he was told when he landed, only minutes before the press was alerted.

According to royal experts, Queen Elizabeth would have wanted Prince Harry and the royal family to make amends.