Hope You Saved Up For Your 16th Of July BBQ Because This Thanksgiving Looks To Be ‘The Most Expensive Ever’

Thank God for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. They told you they were here to help, and they indeed are. When Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that 4th of July savings came to a whole $.16, Americans should have just given up all hope that there would be a better president that comes along.  

With inflation rising and even if groceries were down, gas prices are up. You would still spend more money if you saved money buying food. Visiting family isn’t going to feel quite the same this year.  

Grocery stores are seeing a rise in canned foods of 50% in many places, and meat is following the trend. According to AgWeb, the USDA thinks that the rise will continue.  

The USDA Economic Research Service says that “wholesale beef prices climbed 14.2% from July to August 2021.” Given that beef prices are up, other livestock will follow supply and demand trends as Americans choose other meats to counter their beef purchases. Thanksgiving turkeys are going to be the same way.  

AgWeb says that rumors of the price rise because of consolidation in the meat industry isn’t the cause. A report from Economists compiled a Consumer Price Index. It said, “Prices have been driven up by strong domestic and international demand, labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and high feed and other input costs.” 

So, inflation is the cause. The Biden administration’s decisions will have a massive impact on how Americans celebrate with their family and live life moving forward. Until Biden is voted out or is removed from office, we’re going to have to hold tight to values and show up to the voting booths for the 2022 midterm elections if things are going to regulate themselves.  

Gardening and farming our food will be a great path forward to make sure that citizens stay self-sufficient. Rising prices mean less ability to provide and more stress on average Americans.  

$.16 never felt more redundant. Psaki proudly proclaimed that Americans were saving money from the podium, and then the entire administration has made moves to make sure prices rise. Gas is also being imported, which contributes to the rise in prices and could cause shortages if there’s trouble in the middle east. During the CNN Town Hall, Biden said that he hasn’t spoken to anyone in the middle east but should soon. Why would Americans have confidence in this administration at this point? Mandates and inflation have caused it harder to be an American and more complicated to get by in the U.S.