House GOP Leader Mccarthy: ‘The Commander-In-Chief Should Not Take Orders From Terrorists’

Though President Joe Biden feels like he’s doing the world a service by leaving Afghanistan by the August 31st deadline given by the Taliban, Biden is missing an essential point. Americans aren’t supposed to retreat from anybody for any reason.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News, “We are less safe today than we were in the places if you look before 9/11 because now, they have our weaponry. Taliban now has more Black Hawk helicopters than Australia.”

The point was never to leave Afghanistan, but it seems that Biden didn’t get the memo. The issue was to leave Afghanistan at least a little better than before, but now it’s much worse. The deal was never for the Taliban to tell America what was going to happen. The only reason the Taliban is in today’s position is that we let them get there. We allowed it to happen when I say we, I mean Biden.

Top military officials warned Biden of what was happening and what was to come when considering preparations for the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It seems that the last time Biden went to Afghanistan was in 2011. The Afghanistan situation is very different today than it was then.

Biden’s messy exit was an attempt to overstep former President Donald Trump. Every move that Biden has made is the opposite of Trump. Did Biden wake up and, before deciding, say to himself, “what did Trump do,” and then do the opposite?

McCarthy also said, “The commander-in-Chief should not take orders from terrorists.”

Biden sees the Taliban as a world leader, and his delusional mind has rationalized the Taliban as a governing body. Women won’t have rights. Public executions will begin again, which has already started.

I’m not saying that the United States should continue to build the nation of Afghanistan because that’s not the way forward. If the U.S. would have gotten Americans and allies out of Afghanistan, leaving wouldn’t be a problem.

The media, social media, and Biden’s administration want to make it out like Americans are upset that the U.S. is leaving Afghanistan. We’re not. We’re upset because of how Biden handled the exit and continues to move forward as if he’s doing the right thing. Biden’s decisions led to 13 military lives lost and hundreds of Afghan’s lives lost. Some Afghans have been executed in the street, and some had died from two suicide bombs that went off at Kabul airport when the military members lost their lives.

Biden knows what he’s doing, which is the wrong part. According to Biden and top military leadership, he’s making these decisions, and his administration is helping him with “laser focus” and “clear-eyed.”

If this is the “laser-focused” and “clear-eyed” that our country’s top leadership has in mind, then we have problems. They have no right to guide the United States into a disaster like they have been doing and continue to do. Then we need a change. We can’t have leadership that doesn’t care about the American people. We need competent leaders.