How The ‘Google Leaks’ May Be Bigger Than The ‘Twitter Files’

The next round of leaks showing the close relationship between Democrats and large tech companies is out. This time Google’s practices and bias is under scrutiny.

The recent release of internal Google files is the next blockbuster story. The data revealed that Google used its search methods to push down topics that were more likely to be searched by conservatives. Considering that Google represents a vast majority of web searches, you can see the problem.

Google’s use of bias is also on display on video sharing platform YouTube, which Google also owns. The company used its influence to suppress information about the Pfizer COVID vaccine. It also had a ‘glitch’ several years ago that blacklisted conservative accounts.

The release of Twitter’s internal correspondence was a major revelation. It showed just how far the Big Tech company was willing to work with Democrats, making crucial decisions that affected elections.

Perhaps the largest example of this was the suspension of the New York Post’s Twitter account for its true Hunter Biden laptop story. That very well may have tipped the result of the 2020 election.

That’s where Google has a much bigger story under the surface. Twitter is a very large company, but Google has far more sway. It’s a larger company that controls any number of other services including Gmail, YouTube, and Chrome.

It’s this control over such a large swath of tech that makes the revelations of Google’s double-dealing even more fascinating. It also shows just how dangerous the actions of Google’s leadership actually were.

The multiple brands and sites of Google may provide a similar issue in 2024 as Twitter was in 2020. One company with the ability to sway an election by restraining true information may be a threat to our elections.

Such power could land the White House right back in the hands of the Democrats.

Google’s catchphrase used to be “don’t be evil.” In 2018 it removed that motto from its company. Hopefully, those who work there still believe in this concept.