Hundreds Of Documents Implicating Hillary Clinton And Other Democrats Have Been Turned Over

Hillary Clinton may finally have her day in court. One thousand documents have been turned over in John Durham’s investigation into the Clinton campaign who were suspected of colluding with U.S. officials based on a fabricated claim that then-presidential candidate Donald Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential election.  

The reports should be made public, and at this point, it’s unclear if criminal charges would be filed. John Ratcliffe told Fox News that he gave Durham over 1000 documents that haven’t been declassified. Ratcliffe also said that no collusion between Trump and Russia was found, “But what I did see in intelligence documents, some of which I have now declassified, is that there was collusion involving the Clinton campaign and Russians to create a dossier.”

Ratcliffe says that the documents lead to evident criminal activity that supports further indictments.  

The Democrats slammed Trump for years and still do because of the suspected Russia collusion. Since the 2016 campaign, Clinton even suggested that Tulsi Gabbard was a “Russian asset,” and Gabbard is suing her

Gabbard can lend a hand to the prediction of Vice President Kamala Harris’ awful foreign and domestic policy as she did on the debate stage several times. Gabbard was one of the strongest Democrats on the scene, but they put President Joe Biden in the spot. Unfortunately, it worked. Imagine how different things would be right now if Gabbard had gotten the primary nomination. She would have undoubtedly been elected the 46th president of the United States.  

It’s going to be interesting who else is implicated in the investigation, and just like Hunter Biden’s laptop and taxes, we may have to wait until 2022 or 2024 to continue the investigation. There should be bipartisan support for criminal investigations in politics. Unfortunately, there’s no accountability for wrongdoing in the top levels of government, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change. Then, the government wonders why the people don’t trust them. Look no further than this investigation, and they’ll answer that question for themselves.  

The wheels of justice move slower than people want them to, but this may be an investigation that delivers results we can rely on. Even if criminal charges aren’t filed, the release of documents will give the American people the information to vote and hold people accountable in popularity and power. At the very least, these people need to be stripped from any power they have. That’s the least the government can do for some sort of accountability that Americans aren’t seeing.