Hunter Biden Backer Unable To Provide More Funds

A prominent backer of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is not likely to offer more funds to the embattled First Son, according to a report. The news came after the president’s son received millions of dollars in loans amid his personal and legal troubles.

Kevin Morris reportedly lent the president’s sons millions of dollars over the last four years. Not the wealthy attorney reportedly has no more money to lend to Hunter Biden despite the significant potential cost of his two federal trials.

Hunter Biden reportedly received $6.5 million in loans from Morris, as well as Morris reportedly paying for attorneys’ fees for the president’s son.

The president’s son has reportedly paid $10 million in attorneys’ fees over the last five years.

The news also came as the federal firearms trial against Hunter Biden is set to start early next month.

Hunter Biden’s business dealings are also under investigation by the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. Members of the committee expressed significant concern over Biden’s business deals with companies in China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan.

This included an alleged conversation where Hunter Biden said that his father was in the room with him prior to a significant payment into a bank account linked to him.

It was also revealed that the president spoke on the phone with his son’s business associates several times despite Joe Biden’s assertions he was never involved with his son’s business dealings.

In addition to the firearms charges, Hunter Biden is also facing federal charges related to him not filing his income tax. During that period the president’s son received a $1 million stipend per year from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

In addition, Morris reportedly planned to film a documentary lauding Hunter Biden.

Morris sought to have a film made including with footage of the First Son. There was a film crew at several of Hunter Biden’s arts shows. The First Son has sold a number of expensive paintings in recent years.