Hunter Biden Computer Tech’s House Swatted

The computer technician who worked on Hunter Biden’s laptop had their house searched by police as part of a fake ‘swatting’ incident. The event happened after a number of other high-profile swatting incidents, targeting Republican lawmakers and the Maine secretary of state.

John Paul Mac Isaac, who gained notoriety in 2020 for working on Hunter Biden’s laptop, reported on social media that he was targeted in a swatting attack.

He wrote that his house was “swatted tonight” but that he was not home. Isaac added that the “outstanding men and women of the Wilmington PD responded quickly and professionally.” He added that “all that was achieved was the wasted time of the Wilmington PD.”

“NOTHING, let me repeat that, NOTHING, will take me out of this fight! Cheers!” he wrote.

In recent weeks, a number of Republican officials have been swatted, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who was affected around Christmas. She is not alone, as Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) received the same treatment.

In addition, Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows (D) was swatted just days after announcing that former President Donald Trump was not eligible for that state’s primary election ballot.

The computer repairman received the laptop from the president’s son and revealed the information inside that led to a number of federal investigations.

Hunter Biden is back in the news, just weeks after being charged for allegedly not paying more than $1 million in federal taxes on foreign income. The Justice Department accused the president’s son of receiving millions from foreign sources but skipping out on multiple years of tax filings.

Furthermore, House Republicans have tracked down extensive records about the Biden family’s business dealings. Both Hunter and the president’s brother James were involved in deals with a Chinese business tied to that country’s communist party.

There is further evidence that Hunter Biden received millions in payments from other countries. He had a $1 million per year stipend from Ukraine and allegedly received funds from sources in Romania, Kazakhstan and Russia.