Hunter Biden Sues Fox News

First Son Hunter Biden indicated that he is about to launch a lawsuit against Fox News over its coverage of his ongoing issues. The news came as the president’s son is facing multiple criminal charges over alleged tax and firearms violations.

The president’s son is suing claiming that his image was exploited and received improperly through his laptop. Hunter Biden claims that Fox defamed him “routinely.” His legal team also requested that the network remove the series “The Trial of Hunter Biden.”

Fox later took down the speculative documentary.

Hunter Biden’s attorney Tina Glandian argued that the network “simultaneously sought to profit by the unlawful exploitation of Mr. Biden’s image, name, and likeness for commercial purposes and reprehensible dissemination of salacious photographs depicting Mr. Biden.”

In addition, the attorney requested that Fox News place an editor’s note on all articles on Fox has not responded to the request or the pending lawsuit.

The news also came about seven months after the First Son sued former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) over the aftermath of his laptop’s discovery. The laptop included a number of important elements, including his personal finances, emails and compromising photos.

Around the same time, the First Son launched a lawsuit against the IRS, which investigated his alleged non-payment of taxes for multiple years.

Following an effort for a plea deal that would have kept him out of jail, the judge presiding over the case rejected the plan. Hunter Biden now faces multiple federal felony charges.

There have been several successful defamation efforts in recent history. Former Covington Catholic School student Nick Sandmann settled a defamation case with CNN following its coverage of Sandmann and students in Washington. Sandmann could be seen near protesters smiling as one man beat on a drum.

Sandmann alleged that the coverage was defamatory and made him appear racist. The total agreement between the former student and the news agency was not revealed, but likely entered into the seven figures.

The first trial against Hunter Biden is expected to start at the end of June.