Ilhan Omar Crosses The Line Again

It’s not a secret that Ilhan Omar (D-MI) is pretty anti-Jewish. Omar and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) have been going back and forth, and it’s been very entertaining.

While on Fox News, Brooke Goldstein, human rights attorney, said, “There is an alarming rise of Jew-hatred to the point where it has become systemic. I see the word systemic because Jew-hatred is no longer on the fringes of society. It has become a system. It comes from politicians like Ilhan Omar, who accuse Jewish Americans of having dual loyalty.”

It’s an interesting phenomenon that people in the United States seem to think outside possibilities. Within the last 100 years, you saw that Nazi Germany executed their Jewish citizens. A more recent example is the concentration camps in China holding Uyghur Muslims and the COVID-19 camps in Australia (to a lesser but dangerous extent).

Goldstein added, “This is coming from someone in the United States right now in a position of power.”

That power needs to be checked, and she must be taken out of office. There’s no room for any discrimination in any level of leadership.

The Fundamental Rights Agency’s “working definition” for antisemitism includes “accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their nations.”

That was included in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance in 2010.

A petition was formed after Omar previously made remarks about supporting Palestine. The petition says, “Rep. Omar said that support for Israel is ‘all about the benjamins’ a bigoted accusation that Jews control all the money. She’s attacked Jews and anyone who supports Israel as having dual allegiance, another anti-Semitic trope.”

The petition also says, “Rep. Tlaib said she has a ‘calming feeling’ about the Holocaust. Someone espousing these bigoted views should not have access to classified information or sit on congressional committees such as the Foreign Affairs Committee.”

The petition was put forward.

Maybe because the United States has allegiance to our allies. Yes, it does sway some policy, but Israel is one of America’s closest allies. No, it’s not about the “Benjamin’s,” in fact, the United States gives more money to Israel than Israel gives to the US.

Goldstein also said, “There are governments, foreign governments like Qatar, which is the second-largest sponsor of terrorism around the world that are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into our institutions of higher education they’re not only indoctrinating towards Jew-hatred, but they’re also indoctrinating toward anti-Americanism and anti-democracy. And the saying is ‘Jews are the canary in the coal miners’ tunnel.’ So, it is imperative to focus on the rise of Jew-hatred because it is a symptom of further radicalization in the community at large.”

Goldstein said that FBI statistics show that Jews are three times as likely to experience a hate crime than other races, and it’s over two times that of the Black American community and Muslim American community. The shocking numbers aren’t reported on mainstream news because they wouldn’t bring viewers and ratings, but the fact that hate crimes exist in the first place should be shocking to every American.