IRS Data: Low And Middle Income Americans Got Huge Trump Tax Cuts

Democrats railed against President Donald Trump’s tax cuts back when a real man who didn’t poop his pants was president.

They argued, predictably enough, that these tax cuts would favor the wealthy and punish the middle and lower class of income earners for making less than the big-time hustlers do.

To be fair to some of Donald Trump’s critics regarding his tax cuts (carefully crafted by the White House along with Mitch McConnell’s team and budgeting whiz kid, heartless conservative Paul Ryan (R-WI), then-Speaker of the House), some fiscal conservatives and libertarians were worried that Trump was getting fooled by the Swamp into passing something obscene.

But they were critical of the Trump tax cuts for innovative and moral reasons. Democrats who “criticized” it was just being antagonistic for stupid, knee-jerk partisan reasons.

They assumed because Donald Trump was rich, he must be out for all his rich buddies that were trashing him and dragging his name through the mud in the most genuinely indecent and nasty ways, pulling the worst political tricks out of the bag and executing them with utmost viciousness.

They also assumed that he must be a sexist misogynist because he was a straight man who hadn’t repented for it by joining the Democratic Party and donating to Obama or Hillary at one of Harvey Weinstein’s big donation bundlers homophobic, male chauvinist.

And they assumed that because he was a “soulless ginger” WASP who hadn’t repented for it by joining the Democrats and donating to one of that Critical Race Theory workshop lady’s mansions, that he must have been a racist, white supremacist.

The truth is that Donald Trump did more for African Americans than Barack Obama, for instance, with his First Step Act that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West urged the president to work with Congress to get passed. He was also pro-gay marriage before Obama or Hillary and did more for LGBT issues as president.

And a recent study by the Heartland Institute of IRS data published at The Hill in an opinion piece by Justin Haskins found that Trump went in and took good care of his base of middle-class workers on tax policy.

Meanwhile, Brandon is spending the republic into bankruptcy if Elon Musk doesn’t hurry up and invent cold fusion before this decade is over. Voters might take notice of their tax returns and adjust accordingly in 2022 and beyond.