Is Joe Biden And The Democrat Media Dumb Enough To Blame Tornadoes On CO2?

Kentucky was recently struck by twisters’ progression, leaving at least 74 dead. This number will likely rise as more than a hundred are still missing. Towns and rural communities have become disaster areas. State and federal authorities have pronounced an emergency and disaster zone. Salvage endeavors are progressing, but many families may never fully recover.

When a catastrophic event happens, we should pull together, offer our love, support, prayers, and compassion. But the Biden-Harris maladministration and his Democrat hacks in the media have attempted to score cheap political points. Numerous nutjobs on the left have encouraged the anti-President Joe Biden to join in the brawl, accusing Americans of not doing enough to stop tornadoes. What an absolute fool. Hasn’t he seen the movie Twister? You cannot control those things.

Climate change does not cause tornadoes. Many politicians and liberals love to demonstrate their faith in environmentalism and claims about manufactured global warming. Whenever the weather produces destructive elements, they care about how CO2 emissions bring massive twisters. They seem to recommend that driving less would prevent hurricanes and tornadoes. It is boneheaded nonsense without any scientific backing.

Cyclones are frequent in the US because of their uniquely flat areas, including the Midwest plains area, a seed zone for these storms. Kentucky has experienced cataclysmic cyclones in 1974. Look it up.

Massive twisters are the stuff of legend. Even the Wizard of Oz story was built around an epic tornado in Kansas. These storms are a devastating reality for many parts of the country, and the severity of a tornado tends to vary based on the location. AOC’s Green New Deal will not stop them. Anyone who tells you anything that remotely indicates that Climate Change is causing tornados is lying to you.

Joe Biden chose to play the blame game when he said: “that the intensity of the weather across the board has some impact due to the warming of the planet and climate change.” It is the cleaned-up White House version of his incoherent mumbling garbage. He continued, “I’m going to be asking the EPA and others to take a look at that. But the fact is that we all know everything is more intense when the climate is warming.” Do we all know that? How do we know that?

Environmentalism is a religion, and economic prosperity is the original sin. High priests are the scientists who get grants to massage weather data and climate models. And our politicians and media are the disciples because they benefit from blaming a bogeyman like a demonic force luring us into destruction. Armageddon lurks around every storm on the planet. When everything is the fault of Americans, who do not believe that climate change is something we alone can address by recycling more plastic, nothing is caused by climate change.

It is unbiasedly wise and sad. Rather than allowing memorial services to occur by putting the cause of cataclysmic events on the very individuals being struck by them for driving trucks, they honestly blame the victims of these tornados. That is unacceptable and beneath the office of the President of this once great nation.