‘It’s A Disgrace To This Country To Depart Like This’: Vets Watch Afghanistan Deteriorate Amid US Withdrawal

As veterans in this country watch what’s happening in Afghanistan, they are forced to watch a country they fought for crumble and can’t do anything to intervene. The Biden administration failed on so many levels, and accountability has to be at the forefront of the administration.

From military strategists to the top levels of the federal government, one thing is true; this could have been avoided. Even if it couldn’t, mitigating the risk of this failure had to, at least, be an option.

Dakota Myers, medal of honor recipient, told Fox News, “It comes down to saying ‘I’m wrong,’ it comes down to having to look at this and face the problem. And I don’t know how to watch a human being fall from an airplane because they want to get out of this country so bad. After all, the fear of what the Taliban will do to them, but because they were helping us, helping as an ally to the United States of America, the most powerful country on the face of the planet. If that doesn’t make you look at your strategy and say, ‘hey, we should look at this and see what we’re doing wrong,’ then I don’t know what gets the attention of the President.”

The federal government is losing the moral authority to enforce anything anymore. Their mask mandates, their vaccine mandates, everything is falling before our eyes. Some of it is good, and I hope that the United States citizens can open their eyes and see what a totalitarian government in charge of the United States is capable of because it’s not more capable than any other Socialist or Communist country in the world.

Jake Sullivan couldn’t even keep up Biden’s narrative. Sullivan said that the United States military was “clear-eyed” that the Taliban takeover could escalate after Joe Biden said that it was doubtful that the Taliban would be able to. Biden lied to the American people, and the Afghan people heard his voice as well. They hoped he would be confident in the military strategy taking place in their country, but he failed them.

When asked about prisoner swaps, Robert J. O’neill told Newsmax, “It’s a problem with having an awakened generation and a bunch of yes men. If you show me a 4-star General, I’ll show you ten people around him kissing his butt and lying to him and telling him exactly what he wants to hear because they want their job, too. Anyone on the ground, including myself, any combat veteran, man or woman, I don’t care which branch would have told you exactly what these Taliban guys are going to do. They would have told you exactly how long it’s going to take the Taliban to re-take Kabul and how the Afghan’s will flee. And it’s so simple, and it’s almost as if I hear one more beta male from this administration say, ‘Well, we have assurance from the Taliban that we can get everyone to the airport’ it’s complete nonsense. We’re not letting tough guys fight the wars anymore. They were getting so bad at us, not just this administration, just putting rules on people to fight. ‘Make sure you don’t kill them in a mean way. Just do it nicely.’”

It’s ridiculous that we have an administration that allows this type of behavior from the top levels of government. Biden is done. His presidency is over, and nobody can stop it. Goodbye, President Biden, impeachment is inevitable.