‘It’s Over’: Speculation Abounds That Pelosi Is About To Do The Unbelievable

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is one of the most hated politicians on the left. Her poll numbers are tanking at a 35% approval rating, and you can’t help but wonder if Americans are having regrets about their votes in the 2020 election.  

When Jake Tapper of CNN asked Pelosi if she was going to run again, she said, “You think I’m going to make an announcement here and now?” Then she laughed as if something was funny. Americans want to know, Nancy, are you running again or not? Because if you are, then we have to work to make sure you’re not going to win, and if you’re not, then we have to take a look at who’s taking your spot. Hopefully, it’s not San Francisco Mayor London Breed. She can’t even follow her mask guidance. 

Even if Pelosi does run again and win, Democrats won’t hold the majority, and she won’t be the Speaker of the House anymore. That will be a good thing, as long as Paul Ryan isn’t there again. He’s just as much of a Democrat as she is.  

Pelosi may be stepping down after the passage of Biden’s massive spending bills. Why wouldn’t she? With the IRS looming over American bank records and Democrats trying to tax Americans for “unrealized gains,” she won’t be able to do the insider trading that she and her husband have grown so fond of. The trend is growing, and people are noticing. The time to cut and run is now. Otherwise, Pelosi may have a lot of questions to answer. 

Pelosi is getting older, and, surprisingly, she never had to answer for her stunt at the beauty parlor in 2020.

Don’t ever let politicians forget their wrongdoings. They certainly won’t let you forget yours.  

The fact is, term limits need to be set. This career politician age is over, and Americans will let corrupt politicians run the country forever. Constitutional guidance will ultimately shine through, and America will be restored to normalcy if the politicians and voters get out of the way and let people live their lives. It’s been a rough year and a half, but Americans are pushing through.

Pelosi has been the majority or minority leader since 2003, and giving up power doesn’t seem easy for her as she refuses to answer questions. She won’t, of course, because if she says that she’s stepping down, then she’ll be pressured to step down by Republicans, and likely some Democrats so that there can be a new Speaker of the House and issues that will affect Americans can be decided on by someone who it will affect, not someone who’s leaving politics and of such old age.