JD Vance In Leading The Way Against The Biden Regime And Vaccine Tyranny

Author of Hillbilly Elegy and Republican Candidate for Senate, JD Vance, calls for ‘mass noncompliance’ over Biden mandates. Of course, Biden’s dictates are unconstitutional, and we should relish the opportunity to smack them down. But, in the meantime, Americans must stand up to this unjustified overreach by an out-of-control administration.

Vance is a Yale-educated financial manager and venture capitalist. He is competing against Josh Mandel in the Republican primary for the Senate seat. The race for the empty Senate seat has these two men competing for the mantle of most conservative and the heir to the MAGA movement in Ohio. Mandel also has stated that we should “not go along” with Biden’s demands and executive orders.

In an online video, Mandel called government agents Biden indicated would be going door-to-door presumably to vaccinate Americans as the new Gestapo forcibly. The Anti-Defamation League, per their usual MO, took umbrage with WWII-era Nazi comparisons. They have determined that injections are not the same as sewing stars on clothing and loading people into containers targeted for mass extinction. Yet, each step on the road to totalitarian control moves us closer to the point of no return. We’ve turned the slippery slope into a Slip N’ Slide.

On www.jdvance.com, JD details his stance on critical issues from the failure of leaders to China. He discusses his own experience in a small town rife with criminals, dysfunction, and drugs. He is engaged in the culture war to protect and preserve the American way of life and traditional values. Traditional family structures are necessary, and abortion must be stopped. Vance wants to reestablish economic policies that rebuild our manufacturing industry. And help small businesses.

Vance is invested in a free market of ideas, freedom of speech, and expression, which means dismantling the Big Tech oligarchy that censored Donald Trump and many conservatives.

He states that “COVID-19 is undoubtedly a horrible disease,” but we can get back to normal with proper treatment, therapeutics, and individual risk assessment. He is opposed to vax passports for any reason. Vance asserted that the best way to stop President Joe Biden’s tyranny was resistance at the local and personal levels. Biden demanded that we only have power over what we do and do not accept.

Biden thinks that he can control the government with an iron fist. Where Donald Trump failed to uproot the deep state, Biden is gaining complete compliance within the organs of government. And now, he wants private businesses to force employees to get vaccines or submit to weekly testing.

If we do not follow the orders, we may be forced to pay fines. Vance has recommended that we do not comply or pay. If you are harassed or any individual attempts to control you, stand up for your rights. Sue them if needed, find financial support through like-minded people. Say no to tyranny.

The Republican legislation of South Dakota, Georgia, Texas, and South Carolina have vowed to challenge Biden’s mandate. Then, the anti-President briskly dismissed their concerns. He called them reckless as he previously compared conscientious objectors to murderers. It is the world we live in now.

Speaking ex-cathedra, the pseudo-leader of America, make pronouncements and pontifications while our Congress squawks about budgets and social justice.