Jean-Pierre Calls Twitter Files Unhealthy And ‘A Distraction’

White House mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre wasted no time dismissing the explosive “Twitter Files” released by the social media platform over the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell.

On Monday, the press secretary called it “not healthy” — whatever that means — for Twitter CEO Elon Musk to publish the internal documents. She lamented that it will not “help a single American improve their lives” before adding that the administration is focused on doing exactly that.

Jean-Pierre did not stop there, labeling the release as an “interesting, you know, coincidence” and a “distraction.” She further blasted Musk for the “haphazard” publication of “old news.”

Then she proceeded to the well-worn media narrative of the platform promoting hate, anger, and anti-Semitism. President Joe Biden, she asserted, said that more leaders need to voice their objections to this “change,” calling it “very alarming and very dangerous.”

Of course, the news that Musk booted rapper Kanye West from the platform over anti-Semitic remarks did not receive a mention. Meanwhile, the New York Post reported that as of Monday, his Facebook-owned Instagram account with 18.4 million followers is still active.

New CEO Elon Musk on Friday released a sweeping volume of internal Twitter emails regarding the company’s actions to stifle the spread of information on the laptop story before the 2020 election.

The emails clearly demonstrate that the Biden campaign asked Twitter to review the tweets as well as users who may have violated its terms of service.

And while they show that the Trump administration made similar requests, the truth emerged that it was the push from the Biden campaign that received priority.

The Post published a startling expose in October 2020 revealing documents that linked then-candidate Biden to his family’s international business dealings. Twitter, meanwhile, received warnings that the information was possibly “hacked.”

Interestingly, a clear internal debate raged over the company’s actions to stifle the story. Also, many Democratic political figures asked for a higher level of censorship, though one warned the platform that their actions were a clear violation of 1st Amendment rights.