Jen Psaki Has Been Forced to Clean Up Another of Biden’s Messes

Less than halfway through his presidency, Joe Biden has made so many gaffes while speaking that they’re nearly impossible to keep up with.

At this time, it’s more than apparent than ever that the president’s mental state is in severe decline. In Biden’s youth, as a senator, and even as vice president, he didn’t make the number of gaffes that he does now.

Of course, when Biden does mess up, it falls on the White House to clean it up.

This upcoming Friday will mark Psaki’s last day in the White House. However, in her final days working for the Biden administration, she’s been forced to issue yet another correction, as has been reported by Twitchy.

Explaining Who Controls the Federal Government
On Tuesday, the president delivered one of the most pitiful speeches ever, this one centering on inflation.

However, things truly went south when Biden first claimed that Democrats are in control of the federal government, yet changed his mind mid-sentence.

After saying that Democrats have control over all three branches of the federal government, Biden walked this back, saying it’s “not really” the case, after all.

During a press conference hours later, Psaki was asked about this. The outgoing press secretary then explained that Democrats do, in fact, control the federal government’s three branches. She also reiterated that Biden is “the president.”

The remarks from both Biden and Psaki are strange, to say the least. There are three branches of the federal government: the executive, judicial, and legislative.

Granted, as president, Biden does control the executive branch. However, the executive branch does not control its judicial and legislative counterparts.

Ironically, the three branches of the federal government exist for the purposes of checks and balances.

A White House in Disarray
Between low approval ratings, massive policy problems, and a gaffe-prone president, it’s no wonder that Psaki is leaving the White House for a commentating job with MSNBC.

Psaki is not the first person to exit the current administration and she certainly won’t be the last. It appears that growing numbers of people within the Biden White House sense that its problems aren’t going away.

The high turnover rates speak to massive dysfunction in the current White House. Meanwhile, the current state of affairs in America demonstrates just how gravely this president and his handlers have failed.