Jill Biden Makes A Surprise Visit To Ukraine

Earlier this week, Jill Biden made an unexpected trip to Ukraine on Mother’s Day without the company of her husband, President Joe Biden, who stayed home.

According to Fox News, the first lady entered Ukraine through the Slovakian border on Sunday, after meeting Ukrainian refugees at a processing center. Jill Biden also met the Ukrainian first lady, Olen Zelenska, while there.

Mrs. Biden stated that her visit would give hope to the Ukrainian people and would assure them that the people of the United States stand with them.

The Ukrainian first lady praised Mrs. Biden for her trip. Both of the first ladies met in a tiny classroom surrounded by reporters before retiring to a private meeting.

This visit marks the third high-profile visit between the Ukrainian and U.S. officials.

Last month, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and the U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken went to Ukraine to discuss U.S. military aid with President Zelenskyy.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also visited Ukraine earlier in April. President Joe Biden is the only high profile person who hasn’t visited Ukraine yet.

Previously, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy told CNN that he felt Biden should visit Ukraine because he’s the leader of the U.S., and he should see first-hand the situation.