Jill Biden Sent Out To Announce Free Community College Is Done As Part Of “Build Back Better”

The Administration sent out First Lady Jill Biden to confirm to supporters that the Administration has now abandoned her campaign promise of universal free community college as part of Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending bonanza agenda. In her remarks to the Community College National Legislative Summit in Washington, Jill said she is “disappointed.”

Biden said that Congress has failed to pass Build Back Better and added that free community college is no longer part of the package that is being negotiated. She said that “some people just don’t get” the idea that free college is more than just “bills and budgets.” She went on to say that seeing her pet project go by the boards was a “real lesson in human nature.”

As initially proposed, the Build Back Better plan included $45.5 billion to the states for universal funding of community colleges over five years.

The spending bill got bogged down in the Senate, where Democrats faced a 50-50 tie with Republicans along with a potential tie-breaking vote from Vice President Kamala Harris. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has denied providing a majority to the agenda and has said that he cannot agree to the hefty price tag associated with free community college. Manchin has received stinging rebukes from many of the far-left Democrats due to his refusal to go along with every big-ticket item in the package.

Jill Biden promised the same group at its Washington meeting last February that her husband’s Administration would achieve the goal of free community college. At the time, she said the country “had to get this done now.”

Community colleges would enjoy universal free tuition awards, as it would provide them with a customer base with no concern about the price tag or where the money is coming from. Biden never seemed to get around to addressing what economic incentives that situation would provide, including an immediate upward pressure on college costs with the bill sent to the taxpayers.