Jim Jordan Just Destroyed Biden On Border With One Sentence Response

President Joe Biden’s border policies aren’t working, and he’s not trying to fix it. Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge of the southern border, but Harris hasn’t done anything either. So, at what point will someone in the federal government step up and put policies in place that will help? Biden has taken two of the policies that former President Trump put away by executive order, which has left the southern border open. The wall that Trump was erecting and the remain in Mexico policy thwarted many border-crossing attempts that plagued the nation.  

Even Democrats are calling for changes. Tulsi Gabbard and many others have raised their voices that Biden’s administration has to get their act together. Republicans have been the loudest, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones.  

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) said that the Biden administration announcing that people who legally enter the United States have to show proof of vaccination is unjustified. Biden has ignored the southern border and has no vaccination requirements for illegal border crossings.  

Jordan has opposed Biden since the beginning and hasn’t stayed silent about it. Jordan was also denied the opportunity to participate in the January 6th Commission that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi put together to investigate the January 6th Capitol Riots.  

Jordan said that the Biden administration refuses to implement policies that work, which is true. If Trump’s policies kept illegal immigration down, keeping them in place should have been considered. Still, Biden’s track record and refusal to work with Trump’s policies led to the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden has decided that he will handle things on his own and ditch anything that Trump decided to put in place and then blame it on Trump when it fails. Biden tried to do this with Afghanistan by saying that Trump’s plan failed. That’s not true. Biden formed his withdrawal plan and ditched Trump’s plan.  

Biden’s plan for the border gave the U.S. record-breaking amounts of illegal immigrants crossing the border and each month topped the month before. Now, the Haitian migrants said they’ve been traveling for two months to get to the U.S., and the Mexican and U.S. governments didn’t see them coming? There were 17,000 people moving toward the U.S. If that’s the case, who else is coming to the U.S.? Are there more caravans of migrants on their way right now? If Biden can’t handle the current wave and waves before, what makes them think they can handle any other waves?