Joe Biden Continues Abusing America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves

When it comes to emergency supplies, it’s always better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. Unfortunately, due to the current administration, America’s emergency supplies are being thrown down the toilet.

Joe Biden continues using the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves in order to blunt the impacts of his failed energy and climate change reforms. In some of the worst case scenarios, the president has even let China get ahold of oil put aside for emergencies here at home.

Republicans warned Biden on multiple occasions that if he continues doing this, he’ll be leaving the United States high and dry. Sadly, this hasn’t impacted the president’s decisions in the slightest.

It’s Not Looking Good
Right now, the president is desperate to bring down gas prices ahead of Americans going to the polls to vote in the midterm elections.

Biden tried to do this by pressing OPEC+ to increase its daily oil supplies. Yet, the member nations rejected Biden, with Saudi Arabia releasing a scathing statement.

Rather than return to domestic energy production here in the United States, reports this week indicate the president will once again drip into our Strategic Petroleum Reserves. As the president continues to drain America’s emergency supply of oil, he hasn’t even come close to replenishing it.

Later this week, the president is expected to make an announcement that confirms he’ll once more take away from the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves.

An Impeachable Offense?
News of what the president is planning to do has quickly gone viral on social media. Many Americans are predicting that with Biden’s pattern of crises emerging on his watch, the country could very well end up needing our emergency reserves pretty soon.

Others claim the president is desperate and this latest stunt proves it. Furthermore, Biden’s plan to rip more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves led to talk on social media that he could face impeachment over this.

Right now, what the president is doing is nothing more than a partisan stunt. By rejecting domestic energy production and suppliers, Biden is choosing his own agenda over the best interests of the nation.

If Republicans take back control of Congress, holding Biden accountable for what he’s done with the nation’s supply of oil is going to be critical.