Joe Biden “Fails Horribly” At Humor With Justice Breyer

Awkward pauses won’t cut it for President Joe Biden’s awful delivery with a joke at Supreme Court Justice Breyer’s retirement. It is something we’re getting used to. There’s nothing that’s going to stop Biden from making a fool of himself.

Biden said, “We were joking one another when he walked in: Did we ever think that he would have served decades on the Court and I’d be President of the United States on the day he came in to retire? And he looked at it anyway, and I won’t tell you what he said. I’m joking.”

Is Biden going to start talking about “The Big War” like the rest of the people in the nursing home anytime soon? Come on. It is ridiculous. Biden’s got to make sure he runs these jokes by other people before telling these stupid jokes that nobody likes.

Also, no, Biden, we didn’t think you would be president on a separate note. Not in any way, shape, or form did any sane individual believe that you would be in your position, especially your wife. She sees you every day. You can’t hide your senile cognitive decline from the woman you’re married to.

Biden being elected means Americans hated the other guy enough to vote for him and throw their vote to the wind. That’s it. No other reason. Nobody anticipated a peaceful, thoughtful, or dignified four years, and you haven’t given that. Nobody should be surprised that the country is in its shape.

The most competent answer for why Biden’s joke wasn’t funny is Twitter.

“Breyer is four years older than Biden and sounds healthier and more coherent,” one Twitter user posted. Another said, “Having just heard Joe Biden and Justice Breyer speak, it seems they got the wrong person to retire.”

The ability to be liked and act as a dictator simultaneously isn’t an attribute that would make someone a strong leader. Biden’s inability to make common sense of anything rational and reasonable isn’t helping any of us make more money or pay less for gas or groceries, so nobody cares. We’re trying to work and thrive.