Joe Biden Is Erasing The Value Of Americans’ Jobs

Right now, the American people are in a very dangerous position. The country is stuck with a president who is pushing horrible policies, yet in denial about the impacts of what he’s doing.

Just weeks ago, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre falsely claimed Joe Biden created “one hundred million jobs.” This is demonstrably untrue. In fact, the Biden administration has overseen more job layoffs as growing numbers of business owners try to dodge inflation.

At the rate things are going, the economy is going to completely fall off a cliff. Economists, bankers, and others with financial expertise are already preparing for a recession.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows more everyday Americans are having to take on extra jobs just to survive.

Jobs in Biden’s America
US experience management company Qualtrics confirmed earlier this week what many folks already suspected. Growing numbers of Americans are pursuing overtime, extra hours, and even extra jobs just to afford the basics.

It’s been well-known that many workers seek extra hours in order to afford vacations, pricey purchases, and other wants, but having to do this out of necessity is truly a sign of the times.

Qualtrics also revealed that essential living products are costing more, meaning the value of Americans’ wages is declining.

The only way for people to stand a chance against inflation is to either increase their earnings or cut their expenses. This explains other data that shows more Americans are shopping for food at dollar stores, rather than grocery stores.

Before the new economic updates from Qualtrics, the Heritage Foundation revealed Americans’ yearly income has declined by $6,000 on Biden’s watch. For most families across the nation, $6,000 can change the trajectory of their lives.

More Lies From the White House
Today’s economy is doing so poorly that even the left-wing mainstream media is calling it out. When members of the Biden administration are specifically questioned by reporters, they argue the economy is one of the president’s greatest priorities.

Sadly, his focus on sun dimming, more handouts to Ukraine, and mandatory electric vehicles tells a different story.

As Americans prepare to vote in the midterm elections next month, polling shows that Republicans, not Biden’s endorsed Democrats, are most trusted to turn the current economy around.