Joe Biden Is Pushing for Even More Spending

Since Biden took the White House early last year, the federal government significantly ramped up spending.

Weeks ago, Biden claimed the federal government’s spending hasn’t caused inflation. This is an outright lie. Even moderate Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) opposed Biden’s Build Back spending bill on the basis that it would worsen inflation.

Because of how the Biden administration has recklessly spent money and run up the national deficit, the bill is now being passed down to the American people. This is happening not just through inflation, but also interest rates that have been increased by the Federal Reserve.

Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve made it clear the agency will put forward even greater interest rate increases until inflation has gone down. Meanwhile, Biden is calling on Congress to spend more money on booster shots, as documented by PJ Media.

A Deep Dive into Biden’s Latest Calls for More Spending

At this time, the medical community is working to put together a second COVID booster shot for the American public. Apparently, the “safe and effective” first two COVID vaccines and original booster shot need another layer of reinforcement.

However, the creation of a second booster shot isn’t enough. Biden is now declaring that Congress needs to come up with even more funding so the second COVID booster shot will be readily available to the general public.

Judging from past patterns, it’s only a matter of time before the medical community comes out with a third, fourth, and fifth round of new COVID booster shots. Is Biden going to call on Congress to pass new rounds of spending for each and every time a new round of booster shots arrives?

Fearmongering from the Medical Establishment

As Biden urges Congress to further run up the national; deficit, the medical establishment is pushing for this as well by fearmongering.

According to CDC director Rochelle Walensky, “public health” is reliant upon the medical community having the necessary tools and “investments.”

Walensky then declared that if Congress doesn’t opt to pass another spending bill, run up the national deficit, and worsen inflation, then “severe” impacts will happen. These “severe” impacts will presumably owe to the medical community lacking supplies and testing abilities, according to Walensky.

However, one must not forget the CDC’s director’s comments are at odds with previous statements she’s made. If the original COVID vaccines and boosters are so “effective,” then why is there a pressing need for a second COVID booster with hefty funding behind it?

There’s too much with this picture that doesn’t add up.