Joe Biden is Working to Stop Ammunition Production

For the decades he’s held public office, Joe Biden has made his hostility to gun ownership rights known in one way or another. However, since taking the White House, Biden’s gotten increasingly more aggressive against the Second Amendment.

The president stated not too long ago that Americans don’t have the right to own 9mm handguns. He also falsely claimed that pistols of this caliber can blast someone’s lung outside of their body.

The list of Biden’s attacks against gun ownership could go on and on. Yet, one of the latest methods being used by the president against the Second Amendment is a campaign to reduce the production of ammunition.

The Latest Gun Control Agenda of the White House
On Biden’s watch, the federal government is working to roll back ammunition commercial and manufacturing sales at Missouri’s Lake City ammunition plant.

This is deeply impactful for a number of reasons. First of all, the Lake City plant is the top manufacturer of AR-15 ammunition, along with ammunition for certain other firearms.

If commercial and manufacturing sales are blocked, this will essentially be a backdoor method of disarming Americans. Firearms, after all, are of little assistance without ammunition.

Secondly, Biden’s attack on the Lake City ammunition plant would doom hundreds of individuals to unemployment as the country already teeters on the edge of a recession.

Further adverse impacts that would stem from putting the squeeze on this manufacturing site include the reduction of the United States’ preparation levels for war and the rollback of overall available ammunition nationwide.

At the same time as Biden works to make this happen, one Democratic lawmaker has proposed a 1,000% tax on AR-15 purchases.

A Dangerous Direction for the Country
In light of the attacks on the Lake City ammunition plant, Second Amendment supporters across the United States remain on high alert.

What makes this even more dangerous is Biden’s complete lack of knowledge regarding firearms and ammunition.

This lack of knowledge has been proven by remarks from the president himself; yet, somehow, he’s still the driver of policies that will impact gun owners across the country.

Ultimately, the White House remains under pressure from its base to curtail the rights of gun owners across the country. It is for this reason that patriots should brace themselves for what Biden might be planning next.