Joe Biden Refuses To Speak To The Media

Since Joe Biden got into the White House, he’s been routinely criticized for his interactions with the media. During his first 100 days in office alone, Biden had significantly reduced media interaction rates than presidents before him.

Even since then, Biden’s been seen holding flash cards with notes on them during various press conferences. At other points, White House staffers have rushed media personnel out of rooms before they could ask Biden questions.

Amazingly, even some Democrats have called out the questionable nature of how Biden deals with reporters. This is, after all, coming from an administration that previously vowed to be transparent with the country.

Now, Biden is again raising eyebrows, this time over his treatment of reporters in South Carolina.

Another Troublesome Display
On Sunday, members of the press caught up to the president while he rode his bike at South Carolina’s Kiawah Island beachfront.

During this time, reporters asked Biden to come speak with them. However, the president said he wouldn’t do so, claiming he had to “get bathing suits” instead. This isn’t the first time even within the past few days that Biden’s refused to speak with the press.

Biden is expected to remain in Kiawah Island until Tuesday as part of his summer vacation. This time spent in South Carolina follows yet another trip taken by the president, this one being in Delaware.

More Questions Raised
When the president jetted off to South Carolina to begin his vacation days ago, accompanying him on Air Force One was his son, Hunter Biden.

The president previously told the media that he never had anything to do with Hunter’s overseas business interactions during the Obama administration. Yet, more and more reveals from Hunter’s infamous laptop continue to prove this isn’t true.

Joe Biden isn’t speaking to the media about this either. The White House is likewise dodging direct questions about voicemails, emails, and other key pieces of evidence that show Biden as a key player in Hunter’s business affairs.

On social media, many Americans pointed out they haven’t been able to enjoy the luxury of a vacation lately, owing to inflation, gas prices, and other problems facing the country.