Joe Biden: The PREP Act Shields Manufacturers From Liability, Therefore COVID-19 Vaccines Must Be Voluntary

President Joe Biden has a thing with numbers where he doesn’t know them. Now, you might be saying that he’s misquoting, and he is. Biden has a cognitive issue that is undiagnosed or kept away from the public. Unfortunately for Biden, he can’t help but let it out when he gives interviews and speeches. There are plenty of laughs to go around, but it’s honestly a sad situation for the country, and it shows an incredible amount of weakness to the entire world.

Biden had an interview with a Dayton, Ohio news station where he started by completely misquoting gas prices. He was asked about what he was doing to bring down costs for the holidays. Biden said that there was inflation in energy prices, and he was able to “release 50 million barrels of, 5 million barrels of oil” from the petroleum reserve.

Why the mix-up? The White House even confirms that Biden released 50 million barrels and said, “The Department of Energy will make available the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower prices.” Biden’s accomplishments are so significant that he can’t even remember them.

Then, he talked about raising taxes on the wealthy, which isn’t the route to go, and said he’s a capitalist. That’s not necessarily the definition of a capitalist. The purpose of capitalism is “a wealthy person who uses the money to invest in trade and industry for profit under the principles of capitalism.”

The principles of capitalism are “private property, private control of the factors of production, accumulation of capital, and competition.”

Investopedia also said, “Put simply, market forces control a capitalist system, while the government controls a communist system.”

With Biden talking about meat companies buying out all of the smaller companies to control the price of meat then saying he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, that doesn’t sound like a free and fair market. It sounds more like the government is trying to control the meat industry.

Biden then pushed the COVID-19 vaccines by saying, “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Those are the death words for freedom in the United States. Biden still says that he will fight back in court to reinstate the COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which should worry everyone. The legal use of an emergency use authorized vaccine mandated by the federal government isn’t conducive to a free society. That’s governmental overreach.

“Everyone talks about freedom and not having a shot or a test. So, guess what? So, what about patriotism? How about being vaccinated so that you don’t transfer the sickness to anyone else?”

Patriotism? Patriotism begins where the government’s overreach ends. And at this time, patriotism begins with the government not forcing Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine. There is no FDA approval for the COVID-19 vaccines. Comirnaty is the only labeled vaccine that is FDA approved.

The FDA said of Comirnaty, “can be used interchangeably without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. Therefore, providers can use doses distributed under EUA to administer the vaccination series as if the doses were the licensed vaccine.”

The keywords in that statement are “as if the doses were the licensed vaccine.”

That tells you a couple of different things. Comirnaty isn’t available, and the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is given. Labeling is legally essential to any medication that’s taken or forced. First off, no prescription should be moved. There’s a lot of talk from the left that you can’t tell anyone what to do with their body, and that’s for elective medical procedures such as abortion. The COVID-19 vaccine can’t be taken out of your body, making it more invasive and permanent. With no vaccine manufacturer who holds responsibility for adverse reactions under the legal umbrella, they’re profiting from the COVID-19 vaccines under the EUA, which exempts manufacturers from having legal obligations.

You can’t hold manufacturers legally liable for damages, although the government tries to force the COVID-19 vaccine on Americans. It’s not going to work.