Joe Biden Will Soon Campaign For Florida Democrats

Joe Biden has repeatedly had a tense relationship with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). DeSantis has refused to let the Biden administration bully him into putting through restrictive COVID-19 policies or otherwise running the state as left-wing governors would.

Recently, Biden took a shot at DeSantis over the latter sending illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Despite over a year of refusing to secure the southern border, Biden claimed that for Republican governors to transport migrants to left-wing communities is “un-American.”

Later this month, Biden will be visiting Florida to campaign for DeSantis’ rival in the Florida governor’s race, Charlie Crist, along with the state’s Democratic senatorial candidate Val Demings.

What to Know About Biden’s Upcoming Trip to Florida
On September 27, the president will join a Democratic National Committee rally to encourage the elections of Crist and Demings. In an announcement of this upcoming trip to Orlando, Biden said he’ll be speaking with Florida residents about the various things “at stake” in November.

Crist and Demings are behind in their races against DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio (R). The idea of Biden doing either of these Democrats any favors in Florida is questionable.

For one thing, Biden has a net negative approval rating in Florida. Secondly, Democratic voters in Florida are outnumbered by Republican ones to the extent of more than 200,000.

Even if Biden managed to convince every single Democrat in Florida to vote for Crist and Demings, it still wouldn’t be enough to keep DeSantis and Rubio from winning.

Commentary From the White House
According to the Biden administration, the president was scheduled to visit Florida well before illegal immigrants were sent to Martha’s Vineyard.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s time in Orlando will involve direct talks with Americans, which Jean-Pierre claims is something Biden values.

The White House has not explained why it’s wrong for illegal immigrants to be sent to Martha’s Vineyard, yet not wrong for Biden to have them dispatched to Jacksonville, Florida.

When the president sent migrants to Jacksonville months ago and in the dead of night, no Democrats were complaining or calling for him to be held accountable by the Department of Justice.

Nevertheless, in light of renewed debates over illegal immigration, Americans can expect Biden to talk about this when he visits Orlando.