Joe Biden’s Anti-Americanism And True Loyalty

“I give you my word as a Biden” was Joe Biden’s response to other world leaders when questioned if America is back and a phrase I personally never want to hear again. Hunter Biden probably said the same thing with his risqué art deals.

At the Town Hall with Don Lemon, yes, it seriously happened as comical as it sounds. Biden pandered to the left and exposed himself as a buffoon if America needed any more evidence. Biden recounted his conversations with world leaders when asked if America is back, saying, “Folks, the rest of the world’s wondering about us. Those of you who’ve traveled abroad, it’s not a joke, it’s not a joke.”

No, this is not a joke. Other countries are making mockery amongst us. Our elected leaders are to blame, not the people.

“When I went to this G7, all the major democracies, I walked in, and I know a lot of them because of my role in the past. And I walk in, and I said ‘America’s back,’ and they go, seriously heads of state, I give you my word as a Biden, said are you really back, I mean how can you, we believe you Joe, but will the country ever get it together,” he added.

Biden’s don’t have an excellent track record with honesty and integrity, and Justin Trudeau certainly doesn’t believe Biden has it together when he said Biden would be out by August.

Biden came back from the G7 Summit to lecture Americans on how we can be better and how the world views Americans as a laughing stock.
Biden has a way of being the tail end of the joke and not realizing it. That was painfully obvious when Tom Brady made comments about being called “Sleepy Tom.” But to be honest, Biden is good at catering to other countries and lying to Americans in the process.

Whether this conversation happened or not, Biden is continuing his push on the American people to change. But have Americans changed, or are we just tired of shifty politicians making draconian policies that affect law-abiding citizens while allowing criminals to prosper?

America has placed itself on the decline in world economics while China and other countries have gained traction. is more popular than all American companies and sends millions of products into Americans’ homes, and let’s say their products are less than satisfactory. The website thrives on cheap labor, cheap products, and horrible return policies. The effects tend to take a long time to ship, and by the time the customer gets the product, it isn’t worth returning and maybe past the allotted time to do so.

When asked at his Town Hall with Don Lemon, Biden answered a question from a concerned business owner saying, “Number one, if you notice, we kept you open.” Really? You, the government, kept small businesses open? I specifically remember watching Ian Smith’s gym in New Jersey get raided and Smith getting arrested along with his business partner because he wasn’t allowed to stay open. I remember the Staten Island bar detained owner for keeping his bar, Mac’s Public House, opened for indoor dining. The state Governors have wreaked havoc on small businesses and the job market as they unconstitutionally shut down businesses across the country. That goes for red and blue states. Those in defiance were quickly arrested and shut down if the police intervened at all. Law enforcement’s duty to uphold their oath to the constitution and shutting down private businesses is unconstitutional.

Of course, if the officers said, “No, we’re not shutting down the business,” they were fired or suspended. Liberty is an unalienable right, as per the Declaration of Independence. The state of being free within society from harsh constraints imposed by authorities on one’s way of life, behavior, or political opinions is defined as liberty. Working and owning a business is unquestionably a way of life.

Biden’s second part answer was just as shocking as his first. He said, “I think it’s a matter of people deciding now that they have opportunities to do other things and there’s a shortage of employees, people are looking to make more money and to bargain.

The left continues to let Americans down and go against our way of living. Leftists try their best to degrade the constitution and our freedoms as if other ways of living are superior. Hard work is their most minor favorite activity, and it shows.