Joe Manchin, Bette Midler, And Baby Dog Hiney

Ignoring that the United States Senate has never ended a debate on a bill with a simple majority, the Democrats attempted to change the filibuster for political expediency earlier this month. Unable to get the votes a previous four times the old-fashioned way, by earning them, Chuck Schumer and his friends tried to game the system by changing the filibuster rules but ran up against members of their party.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema voted against the rule change, ending the threat of the Democrats attempting to nationalize voting. Predictably, histrionics on the left ensued over the failure to obliterate a tradition that has held the nation in good stead since the 1850s. For commentary, the left leaned heavily on its most powerful political minds, whose main job is to entertain people.

Ignoring the fact that her main gig of singing and annoying countless thousands on The View does not translate well to the political arena, Bette Midler decided it would be a clever idea to smear an entire state.

In one tweet, Ms. Midler showed her party’s disdain for the so-called fly-over states and the ordinary Americans who pay her bills by consuming her content. She later apologized for the tweet, undoubtedly listening to the advice of someone wiser than her.

The Governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, decided to weigh in on the controversy after shrugging off a rough case of COVID. Taking the floor at West Virginia’s State of the State Address, the Governor gave a rousing speech, with a highlight of presenting his Bulldog, stating that “Babydog tells Bette Midler to kiss her hiney.”

Bette Midler responded lamely by saying that the dog would make a better Governor than Jim Justice. Most observers agree that a better tack would have been to attack the Governor’s use of the word ‘hiney’ given that the term was last used when the filibuster first came into use. In any event, Ms. Midler’s anger cannot hide the fact that the Democrats will get destroyed in the midterms. For the moment, Governor Justice and Babydog have the upper hand in this fight.