John Bolton’s Remarks About Jan. 6 Have Backfired

The January 6 committee is continuing to hold hearings about the events that happened at the US Capitol last year. At this point, the committee is facing immense backlash from Americans who don’t trust its intentions.

Conservatives especially are warning the January 6 committee is being used to push an anti-Trump agenda, rather than getting to the real facts of what happened on January 6, 2021.

Others have said the committee’s true goal is to prevent former President Trump from launching a 2024 White House run.

This past Tuesday, former national security adviser John Bolton sat down with CNN to discuss the latest work of the committee. However, the interview quickly went off track, leading to Bolton accidentally implicating himself in wrongdoing.

What to Know About Bolton’s Comments on CNN
When Bolton spoke with CNN, he was pressed by host Jake Tapper about whether the January 6 riots were intentionally planned ahead of time or simply happened in the heat of the moment.

After accusing Trump of “indefensible” conduct, Bolton said he doesn’t believe the riots were premeditated. He went on to say that a meticulous coup to ultimately overthrow the government and the Constitution isn’t the way Trump would go about things.

When Tapper pushed back on this and said that intelligence isn’t necessary to plan a coup, this is when the former national security adviser raised eyebrows.

Bolton said he “disagrees” with the claim that one doesn’t have to be intelligent to plan coups, seeing as he holds personal experience in this field. Later, Bolton told CNN that much work goes into coups and Trump was ultimately just bumbling around on January 6.

What Coup Was Bolton Part of Planning?
After the former national security adviser admitted on national television to coup-planning, he referenced a coup to overthrow the Venezuelan government a few years back.

However, when Tapper pressed for further details, this is when Bolton said he wasn’t going to get any further into it.

Venezuela has since hit back at Bolton, calling the former national security adviser “crazy.”

On social media, speculation is spreading about whether or not Bolton may have been involved in other coups and what other relevant details he could be leaving out of his story.