Joy Behar Just Proved How Out Of Touch She Is

The left-wing show known as The View is now well-regarded as a platform with extremely bad takes on issues facing the nation.

Co-hosts of the show regularly rip into Republicans and conservatives without merit or standing to back their arguments. When conservative guests appear on The View, the co-hosts don’t show any respect, instead choosing to be rude and demanding.

At this same time, the co-hosts of this show want Americans to vote for Democrats at each and every turn. But new remarks from co-host Joy Behar are being slammed on social media for a variety of reasons.

The Poll That Behar Can’t Stand
On Tuesday, Behar drew attention to a poll by the New York Times that confirms just 7% of the American people are prioritizing threats to democracy as they prepare to vote for the midterms.

With the poll showing that far more Americans care about inflation, Behar made her disappointment quite clear. According to the co-host of The View, it’s “depressing” that more Americans aren’t focused on alleged threats against democracy.

From here, Behar completely downplayed inflation and the impact that it’s having in the lives of everyday folks.

Despite the fact that inflation happened on the watch of a Democrat-controlled White House, Senate, and House of Representatives, Behar still wants left-wing leaders in charge. She even dismissed the widespread view that electing Republicans next month will help lower inflation.

What Behar Doesn’t Want Americans to Know
Nine times out of ten, when Democrats speak about “threats to democracy,” what they really mean is threats to their party’s monopoly on power. Already, several Democrats are on record claiming that if Republicans win the midterms next year, it’ll threaten America’s democracy.

Democrats’ vision of “democracy” is one where their party controls the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, and various courts throughout the nation.

However, with the midterms approaching, polls show this isn’t what most Americans want. People want to be able to pay their rent or mortgages, feed their families, access childcare, and not have to go into debt to avoid going under.

Republicans are laying out step-by-step strategies to make this happen. Democrats are simply doubling down on the same failed reforms.