Joy Reid: Even Condemning Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Is All About Race

MSNBC host Joy Reid is nothing if not predictable and Monday night on her “ReidOut” program, she did not disappoint. In her eyes, the “Western media” is only fixated on Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine because it is “White and Largely Christian.”

“Let’s face it, the world is paying attention because this is happening in Europe,” Reid declared before adding there is a great need for “soul searching.”

In Joy Reid’s universe, where everything is measured by skin color, the world has not shown the same concern for the conflict in Yemen, which has been ongoing since 2015. She even featured video clips of reporters referring to Ukraine and its people as “European.”

Oh, the horror!

Nary a mention of the possibility of tactical nuclear weapons being deployed, the Chernobyl site under fiery attack or nearly 200,000 troops equipped with modern armaments pouring over the border of a peaceful nation and unleashing firepower not used on the continent in over seven decades.

No, the issue that must be breathlessly “analyzed” is the disparate coverage of Ukrainian victims and their “browner and blacker counterparts” in other conflicts. Last time anyone checked, what is the race of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the invaders splashed across Reid’s network that the world has united against? Is the nation being economically crippled in ways never before unleashed on an economic power?

If race-baiting were a superpower, Reid would be wearing a cape and flying to Yemen to save the day.

Highlighting her profound ignorance in world affairs, Reid singled out Russian assistance to the Syrian government during its civil war in helping capture a rebel-held town. These are hardly equivalent positions, but this is someone who gets her paychecks from the network that just spent weeks as guests of China’s Winter Olympics. At the same time, its communist government commits genocide against the Uyghurs.

MSNBC contributor Tom Elliot recently leveled the accusation that some right-wing Republicans believe Putin to be a “White Christian savior of civilization” to unite against left-wing nations and the Islamic world. The irony is always lost on the radical left, but wouldn’t these left-wing nations and the Islamic world also oppose each other?

Remember, some of the same intellectuals argue that it is racist to consider Europe a continent.

But back to Reid, perhaps when her network does not feature wall-to-wall coverage of a military nuclear power attacking a Western-aligned country, Reid will have a more defensible position. Don’t hold your breath.