Kamala Harris Back In California For Newsom As Afghanistan Crisis Continues

As many as 200 Americans continue to be stranded in the Afghanistan chaos that the Biden administration engineered. While the situation looks more like a hostage-taking operation every day, President Joe Biden has had plenty of time to spend vacation time back home in Delaware. Although Biden has made an occasional media appearance regarding Afghanistan, Vice President Kamala Harris has remained invisible during the crisis.

Harris did cancel a campaign stop in California for Governor Gavin Newsom last month on her return from an Asian trip she took just as Afghanistan was falling to the Taliban virtually overnight. As the recall election now looms over Newsom next week, Harris put her California trip back on her calendar.

Harris traveled to the Bay Area to appear with Newsom as the administration attempted to turn the page on the ongoing tragedy in Afghanistan. The Democrats consider their future in California more vital than diplomatic efforts to get Americans stranded behind enemy lines back home.

As Harris jets to the west coast, Kabul’s reporting confirms that the Taliban have grounded at most minuscule six planes with American passengers at the Afghan Mazar-i-Sharif airport.

As American citizens remain trapped as potential hostages, we can expect even more scenes of Harris cackling, Biden stuttering, along with Newsom as Democrats scramble to save California as their stronghold. Their party knows that a loss in California would open the national floodgates against them for next year’s midterm elections.

As a result, their strategy has had to turn the focus away from Newsom’s catastrophic failures. That has left Democrats flailing away at Republican front-runner Larry Elder, the black man from South Central L.A. they have attempted to brand as “California’s own Donald Trump.” Elder may need to consider sending the Democratic Party a thank-you note for that tactic after the election.