Kamala Harris’ Commentary on Electric Buses Leaves Much to Be Desired

The Biden administration is a major force pushing for electric vehicles to be used across the map. White House officials claim this will reduce fossil fuels and even spare Americans from having to pay top dollar for gas prices.

Ironically, though, the very oil industry that’s been opposed by the Biden administration is also necessary to even create electric vehicles in the first place. Another factor is the cost of these products.

Due to inflation and stagnant wages, most Americans don’t have the funds to pay for electric vehicles. They are substantially more expensive than today’s commonly used vehicles that rely upon gas.

Nevertheless, the White House has a very different view on the matter. In fact, Vice President Kamala Harris recently promoted the widespread use of electric buses.

The Vice President on Electric Buses
During a recent public speech, Harris held nothing back in talking about the greatness of electric buses.

The vice president beamed, stating the press was able to ride on an electric school bus, free of “diesel smell” and “exhaust.”

This came after Harris said that press members’ experience in an electric school bus provided them with the “inside feeling” of what these vehicles are all about.

What Harris did not mention is that, at this time, the United States does not possess the material needed to create the rechargeable batteries for these vehicles. However, China does.

China is far from an US ally. The rush to make everyone drive an electric vehicle as quickly as possible would make America reliant upon communist China for transportation. This is not something that White House officials are going to tell the public, however.

Bigger Fish to Fry?
Most Americans are not thinking about electric vehicles or electric school buses. Instead, they’re wondering how they’re going to afford to put gas in the tank.

Much of the country is also worried about the fact their jobs aren’t even coming close to giving inflation a run for its money. People who have been laid off from their jobs, such as now-ex Netflix employees, are wondering how they’re going to make up for that income.

Parents aren’t largely thinking about electric school buses, but they are worried about if their infants will be next to go to the hospital because of absent baby formula.

Each of these issues (and many others) should be addressed and fixed by the White House before the campaign for electric vehicle usage begins.