Kamala Harris In 2019: ‘I Will Protect The Women Of Afghanistan And Keep Terrorists Out’

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been known to lie a lot. Their inability to keep their commitments has caused the United States to fear as the Afghanistan exit blows up in their face.

Harris has especially failed the people of Afghanistan, but more specifically, the women.

Kamala Harris has done everything but help the Afghanistan women. Her involvement in the withdrawal from Afghanistan isn’t fully known, but there’s no doubt she had a lot to do with the decisions made. How could she not?

According to Fox News, instead of addressing the country, Harris has left to go to Vietnam and Singapore to promote global health, economic partnership, and security. How dare Harris try to encourage any of those issues while Afghanistan is an example of how badly the United States has messed up.

The Biden administration has shown how to mess up all three of the issues Harris will discuss. Global health is ruined, especially in the Middle East and other countries across the world. Parliament just held Biden in contempt, so the economic partnership is down the drain, and security is threatened with the Taliban in power.

Actions, not words, speak louder than words, and there is no better example than what we are witnessing. If the Biden administration had paid more attention or used an ounce of caution while leaving Afghanistan, they would have had much better tactics. They should have given a later date for removal from Afghanistan, such as October or later, and started evacuation allies back in April to provide the most time possible. Still, of course, they couldn’t do that. They chose to half-ass the entire operation and threaten the safety of women, children, and men inside Afghanistan, not to mention all of the United States military allies that have been helping.

One thing is for sure when the details are revealed about why the Afghanistan withdrawal has been such a disaster, quite a few people will have to be held accountable.