Kari Lake Is Not Backing Down

Since November 8, a national spotlight has been shone on the many election issues in Arizona.

For one thing, Democrat Katie Hobbs failed to rescue herself from oversight of the state’s elections, despite being a candidate in the race for governor. Hobbs, as the Arizona secretary of state, was repeatedly urged to rescue herself, yet no one stepped in to make her do so.

Then, on the day of Arizona’s elections, tabulation machines fell apart. Many people in the state had to drive around trying to find polling locations capable of taking votes.

Eventually, the race was called in favor of Hobbs over Republican Kari Lake. However, Lake is not giving up at all.

The Fight Continues
On Thursday, Lake let her supporters know via social media that she is not done fighting. The Arizona Republican warned that voters in Maricopa County — the largest county in Arizona — were stiffed and disenfranchised by the breakdown of tabulation machines.

Lake also revealed she has a great legal team by her side. With this team, Lake is exploring various legal options at her disposal since Hobbs was declared as the winner of this election.

On her social media accounts, the Arizona Republican is also sharing direct stories of voters who ran into issues while trying to cast ballots. It is Lake’s position that these problems have to be solved so the state can have fair elections.

In the days and weeks ahead, Americans can expect to learn about the work Lake is doing now, along with any legal battles that may ensue. Many of Lake’s supporters believe that had tabulation machines been working properly on Election Day, the result of the race may be different.

Little Hope For Arizona’s Elections?
At this time, there is little word from Arizona’s election officials about steps to prevent future problems like the ones seen in Maricopa County. To make matters worse, Maricopa County was made aware — well before Election Day — that high voter turnout was expected.

The outcome of Lake’s work will impact whether or not future Arizona elections are secure or riddled with errors. It will also impact the confidence levels the general public has in political races.

Thus far, things are not looking good. Many Americans who supported Lake — both in and out of Arizona —- are now wondering whether or not the fix was in for Hobbs all along.