Kari Lake Isn’t Bowing Down To Fake News

As Arizona Republican and gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake gains momentum, the left-wing media is doing everything possible to try to stop her.

Some examples include running misleading headlines and hit pieces that purport Lake to be a dangerous radical. Meanwhile, the same media is largely giving a pass to Katie Hobbs, the Arizona Democrat who is running against Lake for the governor’s mansion.

Despite the hits from the press, Lake has been very clear that she’s not backing down in this fight. During an interview earlier this week, the Arizona Republican also revealed one of her sources of inspiration.

Taking the Fight to Fake News
On Wednesday, Lake credited former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany as someone who paved the way to handling fake news.

In doing so, the Arizona Republican pointed out that McEnany showed how Republicans can “turn the tables” on a media with a clearly biased agenda. To this end, McEnany returned the praise, saying that Lake is doing well as she campaigns to be Arizona’s next governor.

When the question of Lake potentially being on a 2024 presidential ticket came up, Lake made it clear that her focus is on Arizona. In fact, the Republican warned fake news to “get used” to her because she’ll be leading the state for the next eight years.

Before her segment on Fox News ended, Lake stressed the importance of bringing commonsense policies back to Arizona.

Victory in the Making
Recent polling in Arizona shows that Lake is leading Hobbs by double digits with support from more than half of the state. It comes after this election was previously thought to be a toss-up between both candidates.

Lake is managing to win over voters with her visibility and willingness to tackle issues that matter in Arizona. The southern border and drug crisis are just two of many examples.

Meanwhile, when Hobbs does make headlines, it’s generally for her refusal to debate Lake. Early voting in Arizona has already started, but before this, Hobbs had every opportunity in the world to get on a debate stage.

Even some Democrats have warned that Hobbs hurt her own campaign by not agreeing to the traditional debates. Judging from updates on the Arizona governor’s race, it doesn’t look like the media will be able to stop Lake from soundly defeating her Democratic opponent.