Kari Lake Just Schooled CNN About Election Security

Despite what many in the Democrat Party want Americans to believe, they have a longstanding pattern of election denying. When former President Trump won the 2016 presidential election, Democrats from Hillary Clinton on down claimed the Russians rigged it and said Trump was illegitimate.

When Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams failed in her quest to win the 2018 Georgia governor’s race, she refused to concede. Abrams repeatedly went on record and claimed that she truly won, yet was denied because of so-called voter suppression.

However, when Americans bring up real concerns about the 2020 presidential election, they’re immediately and viciously smeared. Now, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is fighting back against this.

Lake Takes on CNN
When Lake spoke with CNN this weekend, she was questioned about her statements on the 2020 election. CNN host Dana Bash accused Lake of making false claims about the last presidential race. Specifically, Bash alleged the Arizona Republican had no merit to raise issues about the election.

Lake pushed back on all fronts. She informed CNN of hundreds of thousands of ballots that lacked a chain of custody. Later, Lake even told Bash she’d be happy to send CNN additional evidence of foul play in the 2020 election, despite the media’s refusal to cover it.

Bash went on to accuse Lake of spreading “debunked” assertions, but Lake again pushed back. According to the Arizona Republican, there have been consistent doubts in this country about America’s elections, dating back to 2000.

However, the media only elects to cover one side.

Lake went on to cite a list of Democrats, including Abrams, who refused to accept the outcomes of elections that didn’t go their way. At one point, even Bash was forced to concede, albeit very briefly, that “some” of what Lake referenced was an issue on the left.

Finally, Lake stressed that Americans have the right to challenge and question the government without being canceled by the mainstream media.

More on Lake’s Run For Governor
In Arizona, Lake is making significant headway against Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs, who is refusing to join her in a debate. As Lake campaigns, she’s holding an Ask Me Anything Tour, in addition to making outreach to Arizona voters across the political spectrum.

Lake vows that if she’s elected as Arizona’s next governor, she’ll defend parental rights, law and order, and the rights of individuals. With Election Day being weeks away, Lake looks more likely than not to make it across the finish line.