Kathy Griffin Dodges Twitter Suspension

Since Elon Musk purchased Twitter last month, the vitriol directed towards him by the left-wing is only growing and becoming more vicious. Many Democrats long for the days where Twitter unfairly censored conservative users and let politics determine how strictly rules are enforced.

With Musk running the show at Twitter, those days are long gone. The social media site is now fairly fact-checking, meaning the Biden administration is being rightfully called out when it posts dishonest or misleading content.

One of Musk’s biggest haters yet is left-wing comedian Kathy Griffin. Earlier this month, Griffin showed her disdain for Musk by impersonating him via her own account and then posting cringe-worthy tweets designed to appear as though they came from him.

The comedian’s account was later suspended. In light of this, Musk noted that impersonation of individuals on Twitter will get them banned. However, this is not stopping Griffin from trying to get around the rules of the site.

Evading Her Twitter Suspension
Since Griffin no longer has access to her own Twitter account, she opted to use the account of her dead mother.

Griffin logged into her mother’s account, calling to be “freed” from Twitter jail, and otherwise lashing out at Musk. It did not take long for Twitter users to realize that Griffin was using her mother’s page to evade her ban. Some critics of the comedian said this was desperate and a low blow to her mom.

However, it seems that Griffin has not learned from her previous suspension. Not only is Griffin using her mother’s account to troll Musk, but she is also using the account to impersonate him.

The name of this account now reads “Elon Musk.” On top of that, the profile image has been changed to an identical match of the photo Musk has on his real Twitter account.

All things considered, it is likely a matter of time before this account is removed as well.

A Path of Destruction
Back in 2017, Kathy Griffin’s career imploded after she posed with a faux bloody, severed head of then-President Trump. Even some of Trump’s strongest critics stated that Griffin went too far with this one.

She lost major brand deals and TV air time. Ever since Griffin has been in a downward spiral. At this rate, there is no telling what stunt she will pull next.