Kavanaugh Protesters Targeting Neighbor’s Children With Venom

In spite of pledges by authorities to rein in hostile and venomous protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices, the protests continue. And new reports say that in the case of one jurist, his neighbors and their children are subjected to vile and disturbing abuse.

Multiple reports say the pro-abortion demonstrators have for several weeks hurled expletives at Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s neighbors. Noisemakers and megaphones screamed “f*** you” and “f*** your children.”

As one neighbor said, “they just call us fascists.” She vigorously slammed the protests as unhealthy and said parents “have got kids on this street scared to leave their homes.”

Some of the protesters chant that the neighbors are “Karens,” a racist term targeting older White women which the mainstream media ignores. As one resident said, “I do think they’re hurting their own cause.”

Just a week ago, authorities in D.C.’s suburban Montgomery County pledged to finally enforce laws on disturbing the peace.

Neighbors who told reporters they do not believe Roe v. Wade should have been overturned are fed up with the protests, which continue unabated. Some resorted to dining out to get away from protestors, who have a regular Wednesday gathering at the Kavanaugh residence.

One neighbor, a few homes down the block from the justice’s family, said the vast majority of the neighborhood is “pro-choice.” Lyric Winik told reporters that it is the nearly unanimous belief, even among the pro-choice residents, “that these protesters have gotten out of control.”

Another neighbor, Emily Strulson, participated in protests on her street in June but recently said she’s “had enough.” Activists regularly meet near Justice Kavanaugh’s house, march to Chief Justice John Roberts’ residence before going back to Kavanaugh’s home.

Montgomery County officials admitted to receiving more and more complaints, and last Wednesday officers gave indications that some activists were close to being arrested.

Law enforcement said they are using decibel monitors to ensure that regulations on disturbing the peace are followed.

Perhaps an arrest or several would signal the protesters to find another hobby that doesn’t involve invading a neighborhood and disturbing its residents. When people on your own side of an issue have had enough of your childish antics, it’s time to move on.