Labor Union Petitions Google To Suppress Search Results for Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

The California union that represents workers at Google parent company Alphabet is pressuring the search engine giant to suppress internet search results for pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. The Alphabet Workers Union sent a petition making the demand to Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai on Monday signed by more than 650 employees.

The petition comes in response to the June decision by the Supreme Court to reverse the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade. The ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has led politicians, corporate media outlets, and “woke” corporations to aggressively promote abortion access in blue states and restrict access to pro-life resources everywhere.

The petition attacks what the union considers to be misleading information about abortion and pregnancy services. It also calls on Google to stop collecting user data from any searches for abortion information. The union believes that data could be used against users in states that regulate abortion pursuant to Dobbs.

Abortion industry providers and advocates consider pro-life pregnancy centers as enemies, in that they provide resources, counseling, and medical services to pregnant women. The centers are typically referred to as “fake clinics” and Planned Parenthood has described them as having a “shady, harmful agenda” because they reduce the number of unborn children killed by abortions.

The union’s petition requests that Google implement privacy controls for data generated by “health-related activity.” That data is described as the origin of searches for abortion access, “reproductive justice,” and “gender-affirming care.” The union declares that type of information must never be “treated as a crime” or provided to law enforcement.

The pressure on Big Tech giants began weeks before the official ruling in Dobbs was issued when a draft of the court’s opinion was leaked by a still-unknown source. A group of 21 Senate and House Democrats wrote to Google in June urging the company to place limits on results for searches for pro-life pregnancy centers and to include disclaimers to search results that would promote abortion services.

Google told reporters last month that it will begin automatically erase visits to abortion providers from users’ location history.

Alphabet management has not yet publicly responded to the union’s petition.